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FSU Research: Male and female firefighters have different problems with protective suits

When female firefighters put on the protective suits they need for their work, they’re often using gear that has been designed for a male body.Because of that mismatch, the suits don’t fit as well as they should, and their mobility is impaired....
16-Jan-2020 10:40 AM EST Add to Favorites

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FSU study aids fight against HIV, hepatitis B

A discovery by Florida State University College of Medicine researchers is expected to open the door for new and more potent treatment options for many of the more than 36 million people worldwide infected with the HIV virus and for others...
8-Jan-2020 4:15 PM EST Add to Favorites

FSU researchers create model of collaborative problem solving

If you want to get things done in the 21st century, collaboration is key. To better understand this important skill, two Florida State University researchers joined a team developing a model for collaborative problem solving — coordination...
7-Jan-2020 1:30 PM EST Add to Favorites

FSU researchers use mechanical engineering, scientific computing and forestry to better understand prescribed burns

In the effort to mitigate destructive wildfires, wildland managers often fight those uncontrolled fires with prescribed fire — carefully controlled burns to safely eliminate the vegetation that piles up on forest floors and adds to potential...
12-Dec-2019 2:35 PM EST Add to Favorites

FSU Research: Microwave treatment is an inexpensive way to clean heavy metals from treated sewage

A team of Florida State University researchers studying new methods to remove toxic heavy metals from biosolids — the solid waste left over after sewage treatment — found the key is a brief spin through a microwave. The method removed three...
5-Dec-2019 11:20 AM EST Add to Favorites

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FSU research: Ketamine could help men suffering from alcohol use disorder

Research from Florida State University is giving physicians a better understanding of ketamine, a potentially useful tool in treating depression that still has unanswered questions. A team of researchers working in the laboratory of Mohamed Kabbaj,...
19-Nov-2019 10:55 AM EST Add to Favorites

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Color, culture or cousin: FSU researcher explores interracial dating

A new study from Florida State University researcher Shantel G. Buggs examined how the growing population of multiracial women view interracial relationships and what that illustrates about American’s broader views about race.
15-Nov-2019 3:50 PM EST Add to Favorites

FSU research: Helicopter parenting hinders children's self-control skills

Parents who continue to hover over their children as they move through early adulthood and begin college: Please don’t.
13-Nov-2019 4:10 PM EST Add to Favorites

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