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Something to (re)Think About

At Biodiversity Research Institute, our passion drives us to explore diverse projects across continents—from monitoring mercury levels to studying offshore wind development and tracking waterfowl movement.
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Science Is the Best (Local, Regional, National, Global) Policy

About a decade ago, BRI hosted a Bio Blitz at our River Point bird monitoring station in Falmouth, Maine.
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Science Outside the Box

Neon green hoods, turquoise bellies, ornate crowns—neotropical birds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Combined with unique patterns, textures, and song, they either blend in or stand out in thick jungles filled with hundreds of other species...
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Heroes in the Wild

Two things stand out when you walk into Ed Jenkin’s office: he always offers a welcoming smile, and once you acknowledge him, your eyes are drawn to the beautifully curated, vibrant artwork on his walls—photographs he has taken of the many...
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Assessing Global Environmental Mercury Exposure in Biota and Potential Impacts on Biodiversity

Biodiversity Research Institute announces publication of a series of multiyear research studies that assessed the global impact of mercury on air, water, fish, and wildlife in a two-part special issue of Ecotoxicology, an international scientific...
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Informing policy on mercury and biological diversity

Why does the world need so many types of mushrooms, or spiders, or birds, or any other species? The answer is wrapped up in the term biological diversity. Every species on Earth plays an integral part in the health of our planet. When an organism...
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Field Notes from a Backcountry Biologist

Author and field biologist Jeff Fair has followed loons, bears, and other wild spirits across the North from Maine to Alaska for more than 40 years, studying and writing about what his pursuit of them has allowed him to find.
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BRI's mission is to assess emerging threats to wildlife and ecosystems through collaborative research, and to use scientific findings to advance environmental awareness and inform decision makers.
BRI is proud to tell its story in a new video featuring stunning cinematography that captures the work we do and why we do it. Throughout the upcoming year, we will showcase each of our Centers of Study as well as our Research Programs. BRI's growth is based on the needs of the natural world, and we believe our work is making a difference. But we also know there is still so much to do. We hope you will follow along with us as we embark on the next 25 years.



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