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Family and media pressure to lose weight in adolescence linked to how people value themselves almost two decades later

People who as teenagers felt pressure to lose weight from family or from the media, females, people who are not heterosexual, and people experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage, are most at risk of ‘internalised’ weight stigma, new research led...
12-Apr-2024 1:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Study shedding new light on Earth’s global carbon cycle could help assess liveability of other planets

Research has uncovered important new insights into the evolution of oxygen, carbon, and other vital elements over the entire history of Earth – and it could help assess which other planets can develop life, ranging from plants to animals and...
8-Apr-2024 6:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

UK rabbit owners can recognise pain in their pets, study finds

New research by the University of Bristol Veterinary School has found the majority of rabbit owners could list signs of pain and could mostly identify pain-free rabbits and those in severe pain, but many lacked knowledge of the subtler sign of pain.
26-Mar-2024 7:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Researchers a step closer to a cure for HIV

In a first, the study published in the journal Emerging Microbes and Infections demonstrated the team’s patented therapeutic candidate, an HIV-virus-like-particle (HLP), is 100 times more effective than other candidate HIV cure therapeutics for...
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Shakespeare’s sister: how using digital archives revealed hidden insights into world famous playwright’s unknown sibling

By analysing digital copies of an incredibly rare and obscure 17th century Italian religious text, a University of Bristol academic has revealed that a long-lost document previously thought to have been written by William Shakespeare’s father...
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Nudging the public’s thirst for draught alcohol-free beers could significantly reduce alcohol-associated harms, new study finds

Making alcohol-free beer more widely available on draught in pubs and bars may help people switch from alcoholic to alcohol-free beer, a new study published in Addiction today [21 March], has found. Pubs and bars taking part in the University of...
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Waist-to-height ratio detects fat obesity in children and adolescents significantly better than BMI, study finds

An inexpensive measure of obesity in children and adolescents that could replace body mass index (BMI) has been identified in a new study as waist circumference-to-height ratio. This measure detected excess fat mass and distinguished fat mass from...
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Bristol leaps ahead in record £1 billion UK investment to train next generation of leaders to tackle major global challenges

Hundreds of talented scientists and engineers are set to advance solutions for some of the world’s most pressing challenges, ranging from reaching net-zero and developing sustainable energy to improving digital security and making the latest...
13-Mar-2024 7:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Bristol researchers set to join leading experts at COP28 as world ‘stands on edge of burning bridge’ to tackle climate change

A team of University of Bristol experts are poised to join the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will hold the world to account in addressing humanity’s most urgent and ambitious challenge.
23-Nov-2023 5:05 AM EST

Top Climate Experts Set to Share Expertise on Global Stage at COP27

A team of leading University of Bristol researchers on hot topics, ranging from climate change policy to adapting to a warming world and ensuring the transition to a net zero economy is fair, are poised to join the 2022 United Nations Climate Change...
4-Nov-2022 10:45 AM EDT

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Leading global experts set to join charge against climate change at COP26

A team of University of Bristol experts on a wide range of hot topics spanning climate change, environmental justice, emissions, sustainable energy, green finance and the economy are poised to join the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference,...
25-Oct-2021 9:00 AM EDT

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