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New research shows U.S. Republican politicians increasingly spread news on social media from untrustworthy sources

A study analysing millions of Tweets has revealed that Republican members of the US Congress are increasingly circulating news from dubious sources, compared to their European counterparts.
21-Sep-2022 6:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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No evidence that dehorning black rhinos negatively impacts the species’ reproduction or survival, study finds

There are no statistically significant differences in key factors of population growth - breeding, birth, survival, life span and death - between dehorned or horned black rhinos new research, conducted by the University of Bristol Vet School,...
21-Sep-2022 8:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Risk of blood clots remains for almost a year after COVID-19 infection, study suggests

COVID-19 infection increases the risk of potentially life-threatening blood clots for at least 49 weeks, according to a new study of health records of 48 million unvaccinated adults from the first wave of the pandemic.
20-Sep-2022 9:40 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Pioneering Research Using Bacteria Brings Scientists a Step Closer to Creating Artificial Cells with Lifelike Functionality

Scientists have harnessed the potential of bacteria to help build advanced synthetic cells which mimic real life functionality.
14-Sep-2022 8:20 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Scientists harness Artificial Intelligence to advance ability to measure Arctic sea ice and improve climate forecasting

Pioneering research deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and satellite modelling means the thickness of Arctic sea ice can be measured all year round for the first time, bringing significant benefits for future weather forecasts and shipping in...
12-Sep-2022 10:25 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Insects Struggle to Adjust to Extreme Temperatures Making Them Vulnerable to Climate Change, Study Finds

As more frequent and intense heat waves expose animals to temperatures outside of their normal limits, an international team led by researchers at the University of Bristol studied over 100 species of insect to better understand how these changes...
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Earliest land animals had fewer skull bones than fish – restricting their evolution, scientists find

The skulls of tetrapods had fewer bones than extinct and living fish, limiting their evolution for millions of years, according to a latest study.
7-Sep-2022 5:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Pioneering mathematical formula paves way for exciting advances in health, energy, and food industry

A groundbreaking mathematical equation has been discovered, which could transform medical procedures, natural gas extraction, and plastic packaging production in the future.
5-Sep-2022 7:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Miscarriage and Stillbirth Expert Available to Comment on New Study Linking Miscarriage with Stroke, and Sharon Stone Who Has Confirmed She Suffered 9 Miscarriages

24-Jun-2022 10:05 AM EDT

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Leading global experts set to join charge against climate change at COP26

A team of University of Bristol experts on a wide range of hot topics spanning climate change, environmental justice, emissions, sustainable energy, green finance and the economy are poised to join the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference,...
25-Oct-2021 9:00 AM EDT

Emily Vosper, climate scientist at Bristol: Hurricane Sally could be the 2nd stalling hurricane to hit the US in recent years

16-Sep-2020 8:00 AM EDT

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