University of Florida

Name and Address
University of Florida
News office:
101 Tigert Hall
Gainesville FL 32611
United States
Phone news office: 352-392-0186
Phone main: 352-392-3261
Fax news office: 352-392-3358

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Media Contacts and Active Users

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Doug Bennett Science Writer 352-273-5706
Alisson Clark Senior Writer 352-846-3903
Nickie Doria Marketing and Public Relations dorian@shands.ufl.ed... 352-265-0373
Marilee Griffin Assistant Director of Communications UF Health Cancer Center 352-273-7891
Ally Harris Receptionist 352-846-3903
Michelle Jaffee Assistant Director of Communications Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Brain Instititue michelle.jaffee@ufl.... 352-294-8392
Karin Lillis Science Writer, Department of Surgery
Stephenie Livingston Science writer
Stephen Orlando National Media Strategist 352-392-0186
Rossana Passaniti Media Relations Coordinator at Shands HealthCare PassaR@shands.ufl.ed...
Vicki Piazza HealthStreet Manager
Janine Sikes Editor Research magazine 352-392-8229
Kim Smith 352-273-5810
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Hidden Profiles

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Jean Feingold President - Business Communications; PR consultant at University of Florida (352) 392-2231
Joseph Kays Editor Research magazine 352-392-8229
Katherine Kinsley-Momberger 352-392-8429
Jessica Anne Miller Administrative Assistant (to Tom Evelyn) 352-392-1633
Juan Molleda Associate Professor 352-871-1719
Beth Powers Word Processing Operator 352-273-5811