Newswise — New York City’s former mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has entered the field of Democratic candidates running for president. His campaign plans to emphasize efforts to address climate change, building on Bloomberg’s role as UN climate envoy and work on climate-focused initiatives, such as America’s Pledge and the grassroots “We Are Still In” effort. 

Natalie Mahowald, professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University and co-author of the IPCC Global Warming report, says Mayor Bloomberg is on the right track for mitigating and adapting to climate change and will raise the profile of the topic in the presidential race.


Mahowald says:

“Mayor Bloomberg has been an innovator on promoting and integrating the US climate change response, especially in cities, for example, with his group’s work on ‘We are Still In’.  With his entrance into the presidential race, it will probably raise the profile of this issue, and perhaps lead to more progress on climate change mitigation, adaptation, and carbon dioxide removal.  He has promoted the technical, policy and business innovation necessary to reach low carbon goals.”


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