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Scientists Prepare Ship for Mission Locked in Arctic Ice

Brookhaven National Laboratory

The German icebreaker RV Polarstern is scheduled to set sail today from Tromsø, Norway, for a 13-month journey to wherever the sea ice takes it. In a week or so, the ship will get locked into the Arctic ice and drift with the ice floes for a year so that scientists can gather unprecedented data about the Arctic climate.

20-Sep-2019 2:55 PM EDT

Article ID: 719363

Water May Be Scarce for New Power Plants in Asia

Ohio State University

Climate change and over-tapped waterways could leave developing parts of Asia without enough water to cool power plants in the near future, new research indicates. The study found that existing and planned power plants that burn coal for energy could be vulnerable. The work was published today in the journal Energy and Environment Science.

20-Sep-2019 12:05 PM EDT
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Article ID: 719351

Untapped resource, or greenhouse gas threat, found below rifting axis off Okinawa coast

Kyushu University

Analyzing reflections of seismic pressure waves by the subseafloor geology off southwestern Japan, researchers at Kyushu University have found the first evidence of a massive gas reservoir where the Earth's crust is being separated. Depending on its nature

20-Sep-2019 11:05 AM EDT

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