University of Delaware professor Kalim Shah can discuss the impact of the political crisis in Venezuela on nearby island countries such as Trinidad, Tobago, Aruba and Guyana.

Much like what's happening in neighboring Colombia, gangs, drugs, prostitution and other crime has accompanied the flow of migrants to these islands.

Dr. Shah has visited and studied the islands and can comment on the burden on infrastructure and society this is causing there. He said that if the situation in these smaller countries is ignored, it will be a difficult problem to root out in the coming years and will present added security problems for the region and the U.S.

Just today, Navy Adm. Craig Faller told The Hill that the problems in Venezula are "compounding every other security problem in our neighborhood."

In addition to this topic, Dr. Shah is also an expert in environmental governance, policy, regulation and the institutional frameworks through which they work. He has also undertaken nation-wide technical consultations aimed at developing Guyana's first national climate change policy.