Newswise — Notre Dame's Michael Desch - an expert in civil/military relations - can comment on the ongoing issues with CPO Eddie Gallagher and the subsequent firing of Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer. Some initial comments are below. Notre Dame has an on-campus studio so we can easily arrange radio/TV interviews. Desch can be reached directly via email at [email protected], or through me. 

"Supporting the troops does not mean supporting individual soldiers, sailors, and airmen no matter what they do. It means ensuring that we are careful when we send them in harm's way, support them in their mission to the greatest extent possible when we do so, but also hold them accountable when they fail to abide by our military's and country's legal and moral standards.With his knee-jerk "support" for CPO Eddie Gallagher, an individual who has clearly not lived up to the standards of the U.S. Navy, President Trump has undermined the good and discipline of the rest of our armed forces, in effect disrupting the chain of command and insulting all of the rest of our troops who have served honorably and successfully in multiple tours under difficult circumstances."


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