A Russian anti-satellite missile test Monday that generated that least 1,500 pieces of debris in a heavily used orbit highlights the need for “rules of the road” in Earth orbit, says space policy expert Mariel Borowitz.

“The fact that we have not developed norms for appropriate behavior in space means you Russia can do what they just did, which is obviously bad for all actors,” said Borowitz, an associate professor in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at Georgia Tech. Borowitz's research deals with international space policy issues, including international cooperation in Earth observing satellites and satellite data sharing policies. She also focuses on strategy and developments in space security and space situational awareness

Borowitz can address whether the incident could boost efforts to implement an international agreement on responsible behavior in space, the subject of a U.N. General Resolution earlier this year. She can also discuss Russia’s potential liability under the sole, poorly litigated treaty governing such incidents, should any damage occur.


More about Borowitz: https://iac.gatech.edu/people/person/mariel-borowitz