Trump’s immigration policy profits few, hurts most

Maria Figueroa is chair of Cornell University’s Precarious Work Initiative, a research group that studies issues affecting low wage and contingent workers. She says Trump’s executive orders on immigration and border security are appalling, counterproductive and divisive.


Figueroa says:

“The idea of building a wall to separate the United States from Mexico is not only absurd from an economic and technological point of view, it is reminiscent of the actions of fascist regimes.

“Building a wall, just like defunding sanctuary cities ignore the simple fact that many immigrants (both documented and undocumented) are members of families of U.S. citizens, and hurting them hurts the larger communities in which they live.

“Channeling resources to the Department of Homeland Security to create more detention space will likely benefit the prison industrial complex, including private prison corporations like CCA, and the GEO Group.

“The underlying principle in these policies is to divide working people using racism, xenophobia and islamophobia. The results will be negative for all working families, as public funds will be reallocated to create profit opportunities for the few, while diminishing living standards for most.”

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