Newswise — Phoenix, Arizona — Migraine is an inherited neurological disease, but there are several factors that cause it. Changes in sleep patterns and hormone levels, and even changes in weather, can trigger migraines. Sometimes just eating a certain food can trigger a migraine. Miao Yu Medical International (Mayo Clinic) is a neurologist Amaal Starling shared lifestyle changes can help control five kinds of migraine:

  • Sleep.
  • sports.
  • healthy diet.
  • Avoid dehydration.
  • Manage stress.

Dr. Starling recommends avoiding changing sleep patterns as much as possible, even on weekends.

"Some of my patients will say,'I have migraines when I'm not working on weekends', and then I will ask,'Well, when do you usually get up? When do you go to bed?' Compared to this, the work and rest schedules on weekends are very different. Different, and this may cause migraine attacks," she said. "The consistency of sleep patterns is very important."

Planned exercise can be very important and can raise the threshold of migraine.

"Studies have shown that about 20 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week is actually as effective as some of our prescription drugs," said Dr. Starling.

She recommends eating healthy all-natural foods instead of small meals.

"Avoid those processed foods and avoid peaks and troughs in blood sugar levels," said Dr. Starling. "Also, don't eat less. These are all methods that can be used to raise the threshold."

It is also important to maintain adequate moisture.

"This is really important, especially in the winter. In the winter months, because the weather is colder, people don't feel thirsty, but they are actually more prone to dehydration than in summer," said Dr. Starling.

Managing stress is also very important. This can be achieved by practicing mindfulness and meditation.

"We all have stress in life," said Dr. Starling. "In fact, the key lies in how we manage and respond to stress."

Dr. Starling said that making these lifestyle changes may help raise the threshold of migraines so that uncontrollable things like weather do not become a strong trigger for migraine attacks.

"Compared with the uncontrollable things, it is really inspiring to hear that there are some things you can control," she said.


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