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Study finds associations between rheumatoid arthritis, other diseases before and after diagnosis

A Mayo Clinic-led study involving 3,276 patients has found that people with inflammatory bowel disease, Type 1 diabetes or blood clots may be at increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. The study, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, also...
14-Nov-2019 11:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

Mayo Clinic, Hitachi to build first, next generation, carbon ion therapy treatment facility in North America

Mayo Clinic and Hitachi, Ltd. have reached an agreement in principle to build a carbon ion treatment facility as part of Mayo Clinic's recently announced integrated oncology facility which will be constructed at Mayo Clinic's campus in...
19-Nov-2019 12:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

Experimental cholesterol-lowering drug effective at lowering bad cholesterol, study shows

Twice-yearly injections of an experimental cholesterol-lowering drug, inclisiran, were effective at reducing low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, often called bad cholesterol, in patients already taking the maximum dose of statin drugs,...
16-Nov-2019 11:55 AM EST Add to Favorites

Estudio de Mayo Clinic descubre que hombres y mujeres tienen diferente percepción de su propia salud

Un estudio de Mayo Clinic publicado en American Journal of Health Behavior investiga las diferencias entre hombres y mujeres en cuanto a la percepción de su propia salud. El estudio descubrió que el sexo de la persona influye sobre la seguridad de...
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Mayo Clinic study finds differences in how men and women perceive their own health

A Mayo Clinic study published in the American Journal of Health Behavior investigates differences in how men and women perceive their own health. The study finds that confidence in maintaining good health habits can be influenced by gender.
13-Nov-2019 11:15 AM EST Add to Favorites

Mayo Clinic的研究人员发现,阿尔茨海默病亚型可能影响未来的治疗

5-Nov-2019 4:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

الباحثون في Mayo Clinic يكتشفون أن أنواع الزهايمر الفرعية قد تؤثر على العلاجات المستقبلية

على الرغم من الفحص العلمي الممتد لعقود، لم ينجح باحثو داء الزهايمر حتى الآن في اكتشاف أو معالجة سببه أو علاجه. ويُعتبر فهم ما يكمن وراء...
5-Nov-2019 4:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

Some common youth sports injuries are avoidable

As fall and winter sports are in full swing, youth athletics will see a rise in injuries. Tens of millions of children and teens participate in organized sports, and more than 3.5 million sports injuries occur every year.
5-Nov-2019 3:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

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