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Patient-Carer Committee Changes Name to “Experts by Experience”

Newswise — Reston, VA, November 09, 2018 – The Academy for Eating Disorders Patient-Carer Committee has officially changed its name to “Experts by Experience.” This name change is intended to recognize patients and their families as experts in their own illnesses.

“Experts by Experience” is a commonly-used term in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands that describes an individual with personal experience utilizing mental health services. Adopting “Experts by Experience” as the new committee name seeks to more accurately convey the role that this committee plays, and places all members within the committee – whether professionals, patients, or carers – under one umbrella.

A name change for the “Experts by Experience” Committee was first proposed one year ago. The change of name reflects that the committee includes a variety of stakeholders and experts, including patients, carers, and professionals who provide additional perspectives to the committee (e.g., as psychiatrists and psychologists who provide care to those with eating disorders). After considering several alternative names, “Experts by Experience” was selected as the name that captured the goals of the committee and its members and AED’s commitment to incorporating the range of stakeholders in the future of eating disorder expertise.

Experts by Experience co-chair Dr. Ashley Solomon, states that, “‘Experts by Experience’ reflects the knowledge and wisdom garnered by individuals and families affected by eating disorders. It's an expertise that often wasn't intentionally sought, but was granted through the trials and tribulations of navigating the complex illness, treatment, and recovery worlds. We believe that it is only through the incorporation of this lived experience that we can strengthen the understanding of eating disorders and the improvement of specialized care.”

Though committee members understand that the name “Experts by Experience” may not be familiar across all cultures and countries, they are looking forward to the opportunity to create fruitful discussions and education around their new name. The name change will take effect immediately.


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