According to Baylor Scott & White Health Nutritionist Raynelle Shelley, MS, RD,

"Research shows that if you wear a monitoring device (pedometer or accelerometer) you will move more. It becomes a fun challenge - I personally have a goal to hit and if I am just 200 steps off then I am marching in place to get those last few steps but without a monitoring device I would not. I recommend adults or kids wear one for a week and write down all the steps and average them - then set the initial goal just 1000 steps above that for a week then increase by another 1000 for a week. This nice gradual increase to get to 10,000 steps (or more) helps set a habit and gets the joints/muscles used to the activity so there is less likely to be an injury. Plus every step counts so it is a motivator to park further away, or take laundry in a few pieces at a time so you have to make several trips, play with dog or kids, etc. humans like to know they are making progress - we get a feel good effect on the brain and want to repeat the behavior.


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