On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun (the last one was in 1979). In New York, about 77% of the sun will be covered. In Stony Brook theclipse starts at about 1:25 PM and ends about 4:00 PM -- the maximum eclipse will be at 2:46PM. 
Since this event is rare,Stony Brook University Astronomy Professor Fredrick Walter has complied a list of tips on how to maximize the experience here on Long Island. 

  • To see the sun during a partial eclipse (happening in LI), get a pair of "eclipse glasses" -- regular sunglasses won't work. 

  • Can't get eclipse sunglasses? Then, make a pinhole camera - put a small round hole in an index card, and project the image of the Sun onto a flat surface.

  • Don't spend time taking pictures -- professionals will do that. Instead, look for:​ the stars ​coming out during daytime. Watch the shadow bands rushing across the landscape. Listen to the birds, who will get confused by the sudden darkness. Note how the colors change as the light fades.

  • If you miss out on this eclipse, there is another eclipse coming on April 8, 2024. That eclipse will run from Texas through Maine, and will be total in upstate New York. Start planning!
Professor Walters is available for phone and email interviews should you have any additional questions. Let me now if you'd like to chat and I'll coordinate the details.