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Do Stickleback Fish Provide a Roadmap of Rapid Species Evolution?

The Threespine stickleback fish is known to have evolved independently from its marine ancestors, a process called parallel evolution. A new study details the genomic changes that drive their rapid evolution, the findings from which may shed light...
18-Jun-2021 5:25 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Study Identifies a Neural Signal that May Help Explain Social-Cognitive Ability in Autism

An electroencephalogram (EEG) study of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) identified a neural signal that may help explain the variation of how those with ASD perceive or understand the mental states of others (called “Theory of...
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Justin Fincher, PhD, Appointed Vice President for Advancement and Executive Director of the Stony Brook Foundation

Justin Fincher, PhD, vice president for advancement at The Ohio State University, has been appointed vice president for advancement, effective August 23, 2021, announced Stony Brook University President, Maurie McInnis. Reporting directly to...
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Study of Wild Geladas Reveals Mid-Size Group Living is Best for Survival and Fitness

A research team that includes Anthropology researchers from Stony Brook University has used 14 years of demographic data on multiple groups of wild geladas to determine that mid-size group living is best for fitness, essentially optimizing survival...
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Stony Brook Conferred Degrees to Class Of 2021 in Person at LaValle Stadium Between May 19-21

After experiencing a year of hybrid learning as the COVID-19 pandemic continued, it was finally time to celebrate. Stony Brook University students became alumni in 10 2021 Degree Conferral Celebration ceremonies. The ceremonies took place at LaValle...
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Compound May Prevent Arrhythmia Caused by Medicines

A team of researchers including Ira S. Cohen, MD, PhD, of the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University, has identified a compound that prevents the lengthening of the heart’s electrical event which can cause a lengthening of the...
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New Study Has Scientists Re-Evaluating Relative Brain Size and Mammalian Intelligence

Scientists from Stony Brook University and the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior have pieced together a timeline of how brain and body size evolved in mammals over the last 150 million years. The findings will be published in Science Advances.
26-Apr-2021 9:30 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Study Shows Facial Emotions are Successfully Encoded in Brains of Those with Autism

A study led by Stony Brook University that tested neural activity in the brains of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) reveals that they successfully encode facial emotions in their neural signals – and they do so about as well as...
27-Apr-2021 12:50 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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New Drug for Alzheimer's Patients Provides Hope With Caution

8-Jun-2021 3:10 PM EDT

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Tick Threat Remains a Public Health Concern

24-May-2021 10:55 AM EDT

Experts Available: The Jury Verdict in the Trial of Derek Chauvin

21-Apr-2021 8:40 AM EDT

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April 2021: Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month: Expert Available To Discuss Research

16-Apr-2021 1:55 PM EDT

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Seeking History of Life on Mars: 2020 Perseverance Rover Experts Available

The new era of space exploration features two Stony Brook University faculty members as part of the development of NASA’s Mars2020 Perseverance rover that recently landed. Distinguished Professor Scott McLennan and Associate Professor Joel...
22-Feb-2021 2:10 PM EST

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Expert Available: @stonybrooku Ocean Conservationist Responds to President Biden's Call to Tackle Climate Crisis

1-Feb-2021 2:10 PM EST

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Expert Comments on Gallup Survey Results: Fewer in U.S. Continue to See Vaccines as Important

16-Jan-2020 2:25 AM EST

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Stress or Depression During the Holidays? Best to “Cope Ahead”

17-Dec-2019 3:50 PM EST

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