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Getting the Fossil Record Right on Human Evolution

Stony Brook University scientists provide researchers investigating the evolutionary past of ancient hominins an important and foundational message in a paper published in Nature Ecology & Evolution. That is – conclusions drawn from evolutionary...
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Study Reveals Cancer Screening Decreased Worldwide During Height of Pandemic

A study that surveyed cancer screening data included in medical journals worldwide from January 2020 into December 2021 showed significant decreases in the number of screenings for breast, colorectal and cervical cancers during the early phase of...
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New Functional Protein Measuring Technology Could Advance Drug Discovery Research

A new biomedical research tool that enables scientists to measure hundreds of functional proteins in a single cell could offer new insights into cell machinery. Details about the cyclic microchip assay method are published in the journal Nature...
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Research Centered on Single Cells May Open Doors to New Discoveries on Disease Processes

Gábor Balázsi, PhD, and his research team in the Laufer Center and the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Stony Brook University are embarking upon a new way to research cells, the building blocks of life and often triggers to disease when...
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Computer Simulations of Proteins Help Unravel Why Chemotherapy Resistance Occurs

Understanding why and how chemotherapy resistance occurs is a major step toward optimizing treatments for cancer. A team of scientists including Markus Seeliger, PhD, of the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University, believe they have...
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Patients With Chronic Illnesses From WTC Exposures More Likely to Suffer “Long-Term” Covid

A study of 1,280 patients treated and monitored at the Stony Brook World Trade Center Health and Wellness Program who also contracted Covid-19 reveals that responders who have suffered from chronic conditions from WTC exposures more often have...
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Study of Anti-Cancer Mitochondrial Drug Shows Additional Clinical Promise

A study of the lead agent (CPI-613) in a class of anticancer drugs undergoing Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved clinical trials reveals that CPI-613 is effective against most carcinoma cell lines, and, used in combination, could have...
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Shinnecock Bay Recognized as A New Global “Hope Spot”

Shinnecock Bay on the south shore of Long Island, New York, is being named a new “Hope Spot” by Mission Blue, an international organization that supports the protection of oceans worldwide. This distinction is the result of a decade of...
3-Jun-2022 10:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Expect Wetter and More Intense Hurricanes

24-Jun-2022 12:50 PM EDT

Leading Experts, Officials to Discuss Threats and Solutions for Clean Water

A full day of dialogue and scientific presentations by national experts concerning problems and solutions associated with wastewater, nitrogen pollution, PFAS forever chemicals, treatment of drinking water, next generation clean water technologies...
16-Jun-2022 11:05 AM EDT

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Seven Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy This Spring

26-Apr-2022 1:55 PM EDT

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Helping Others Breaks the Isolation and Fatigue of Pandemic Times

We have heard the message that giving is good for us, adds to our well-being and health, and our understanding of gratitude. Bioethicist, author and Stony Brook University Professor Stephen Post, PhD, heightens this message as we embark on the...
19-Nov-2021 4:05 PM EST

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November: Lung Cancer Awareness Month/Stony Brook Medicine Expert Dr. Allison McLarty Available for Interview

17-Nov-2021 2:00 PM EST

Cognitive Decline is Latest Concern With 911 Responders

12-Aug-2021 5:05 PM EDT

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New Drug for Alzheimer's Patients Provides Hope With Caution

8-Jun-2021 3:10 PM EDT

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Tick Threat Remains a Public Health Concern

24-May-2021 10:55 AM EDT

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