Newswise — In preparation for Breast Cancer Awareness month, five expert faculty surgeons and researchers from the IU School of Medicine Department of Surgery are available to discuss breast cancer, breast disease, current research initiatives at IU School of Medicine, and best surgical practice and treatment for breast cancer patients. To speak with any of the below experts, contact Emily McKnight, marketing and communications coordinator, at [email protected].

Gary Dunnington, MD, serves as both chair and professor of surgery at IU School of Medicine. His area of clinical practice is surgical oncology with a focus in breast and endocrine disease. Dr. Dunnington has developed two multidisciplinary breast centers – the University of Southern California Norris Breast Center and the Breast Center at Southern Illinois University – and has served as principle or co-investigator on research projects totaling more than $5.6 million. 

Carla Fisher, MD, is widely published in the areas of translational research of breast cancer, and surgical education. She is the current medical director of breast surgical oncology at IU Health and an associate professor of surgery at IU School of Medicine. Dr. Fisher is very active clinically, and saw approximately 300 new breast cancer patients in 2016 alone.

Samilia Obeng-Gyasi, MD, MPH, is assistant professor of surgery at IU School of Medicine and medical director of IU Health West Breast Care. Her research is focused on improving health care delivery and evaluating how socioeconomic disparities affect outcomes in breast surgery. 

Milan Radovich, PhD, assistant professor of surgery, is focused on precision medicine as it relates to breast cancer, and the tailoring of treatments for breast disease to give the most effective treatment for individual patients. He is also a leader of the Precision Genomics Program at IU Health, where physician-scientists at IU School of Medicine use a patient’s specific biological information (DNA) to customize treatment for individuals diagnosed with advanced forms of cancer.

Harikrishna Nakshatri, PhD, professor of breast cancer research, investigates how and why breast cancers recur in women within 10 – 15 years of initial prognosis and treatment. In partnership with the Komen Tissue Bank, Dr. Nakshatri is also involved in probing why women with the same type of breast cancer have different outcomes, and how cancer affects the function of other organs and tissues in the body.