Brewing expert offers flavorful food pairings for fall’s full-bodied beers

With the fall season upon us, brewing expert Kaylyn Kirkpatrick says the cooler weather allows beer drinkers to opt for heartier, more full-bodied beers. Kirkpatrick provides insight on flavorful options for food pairings that go with fall beer.

Kirkpatrick recently joined the Cornell University Department of Food Science as a brewing extension associate and will be working with brewers across New York state to help them get the most out of their products.

More information Kirkpatrick’s new role and what she sees ahead for New York’s brewing industry can be found here:

Kirkpatrick says:

“Fall is a really fun time for beer drinkers because as the weather cools, we can opt for heartier, more full-bodied and complex styles of beer.

“The nutty, caramel and chocolate malt characteristics of Dunkel, a dark lager, tend to pair well with smoked meats or spicy sausage, yet also hold up to sweet treats like pecan pie.

“Porters are another beer perfect for pairing with fall foods. These ales are brewed with dark roasted malts, and are an excellent choice served alongside beef stew and sweet potato casserole.

“But for many of us, fall hasn't arrived until pumpkin beer makes its way to the shelves and into our hearts. Pumpkin beers are typically medium bodied ales or strong stouts with notes of vanilla, clove, ginger, cinnamon, and range from subtle to intense pumpkin pie flavor. Pumpkin beers are really versatile when it comes to food pairings, so you can really get creative! Try pairing pumpkin beer with a squash bisque, roasted turkey or cranberry, apple and sausage stuffing."

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