Newswise — The on-going news regarding sexual harrassment in entertainment, government, etc., coupled with the firestorm over Roy Moore and age-appropriate dating could explode at the dinner table as generations gather over the holidays. Conversations on sexual assault, sexual norms, social norms, definitions of harassment, assault and rape are likely to arise.

UAB psychologist Josh Klapow, Ph.D., wonders if people are ready for frank talk about differences in generational perspectives?  Are we ready to learn about family members being assaulted for the first time?  Are we ready for children and teens to ask questions about what it means to grope, fondle, rape, expose?  Are we ready to hear our children perhaps admit to being assaulted?   

The holidays are stressful enough without the addition of a charged topic like sexual harrassment tossed in the mix. Families need to be prepared and have a plan on how they will approach the subject. 

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