Decision day: Is Snap the next Google or Twitter?

Drew Pascarella, lecturer of finance at Cornell University’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, says that Snap’s IPO, expected to be announced after the U.S. stock market closes today, will tell us if investors believe Snap can become a premiere destination for digital advertising, or if the firm will follow the path of Twitter – which is still largely unable to generate cash.


Pascarella says:

“It’s decision day, and investors must decide if Snap, Inc. is going to be the next Google or Facebook, or the next Twitter.

“While all three are social media titans, only two have cracked the code on what matters most – generating cash. Snap’s ability to attract and entertain users is clear, and their roadshow vignette on Gatorade was impressive.

“The question is – will they be able to use their place in the social media pecking order to become a premiere destination for digital advertising? We’ll have an early answer on what investors believe when Snap prices.”

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