Dr. Tricia Wachtendorf, is the Associate Director of the Disaster Research Center at the University of Delaware, the world's oldest research center devoted to the social science aspects of disasters. She is a leading expert in emergency response and disaster management and is available to talk on the challenges facing those affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal and how the world can help. Her areas of expertise include social behaviors in disasters, the coordination between organizations in disasters and social vulnerability to disasters. She has conducted reconnaissance fieldwork following the Indian Ocean tsunami (2004), Hurricane Katrina, Wenchuan China earthquake (2008), Haiti earthquake (2010) and Japan tsunami (2011) . She has extensive media experience including interviews in the LA Times, USA Today and ABC News. Full biography: http://www.udel.edu/DRC/AboutDRC/bios/Wachtendorf.html Radio & TV Interviews: UD has production facilities to accommodate both remote television and radio interviews. Arrangements for use of the satellite uplink studio or the ISDN radio studio can be made by contacting the External Relations team on 302-690-5138 or 302-766-5103