Newswise — April is recognized as National Financial Literacy Month, and CSUDH Professor of Finance Prakash Dheeriya is available to comment on how young adults can become more financially savvy and set realistic goals for themselves.

Dheeriya’s expertise is in personal finance and how to make wise financial decisions as a consumer, investor, or borrower.


“Common skills that one needs to be financially literate include being disciplined enough to pay all of your bills by the due date, thereby avoiding payment of late fees and interest. It also means that you are watching the business environment on a daily basis to identify opportunities for making income in financial markets. Smart shopping or comparison shopping for your daily needs will also help you save money, and therefore, lead to a better financial outcome for you and your family.”

“Retirement seems to be very far away or even unthinkable for young adults, but it is and should be an important goal in personal finance. Sometimes, young adults are not even aware of comparison shopping for key services that they will need such as insurance, long term care, and planning for a family.”

“Common goals that young adults can set for themselves include planning to buy a house by a certain age, planning to retire by a certain age, achieving a net worth of a certain amount by a certain age, planning for a family and providing for future children, and their education.”

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