Newswise — Rowan University (Glassboro, N.J.) business instructor and attorney Noelle Connor has what might not be a popular take on AIG: don’t boycott the firm that has garnered so much media attention for its bonuses to its top people.

Connor, who teaches a “Legal Environment of Business” course in Rowan’s Rohrer College of Business, is herself a former AIG employee. Her position there, which took her to AIG’s Manhattan offices, required her to work with many of the various insurance companies and recovery offices owned by AIG. She also worked with the bankruptcy and student loan default divisions. She conducted subrogation recovery training in New York, New Jersey, California, Georgia and Illinois. AIG is a huge company, and Connor was connected and familiar with many different areas of the company.

“While many people focus on whether or not AIG will hand out bonuses to individuals who are already taking home pretty nice paychecks, people at AIG offices around the country, who have done nothing wrong, are wondering if they’ll still have a job tomorrow. Boycotting AIG has ramifications that go far beyond keeping ‘big-wigs’ from getting bonuses,” Connor said.

“AIG is not a bad company; it just employed some really bad decision-makers. I am also a former AIG employee. In fact, I have friends who still work for AIG. They are honest, upright, moral, decent people. They do honest work day in and day out. AIG is a good company. They took good care of me when I worked there. They have, so far, taken care of my friends. They may have moved them to different offices, but they did not let them go. They did not make the trustworthy and reliable ‘little people’ pay for the irresponsible and reckless decisions of some of the AIG officers. There are clearly some very good people at AIG who know that a whole company should not pay for the actions of a few of its careless leaders,” she said.

Connor, who is available for media interviews, earned her law degree from Widener University School of Law and her bachelor’s degree in elementary education/psychology from Glassboro State College (now Rowan University).

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