Newswise — HAWTHORNE, NJ, August 1, 2019 – The new D‑23‑TC1®plasma separation media from I.W. Tremont, a well-established supplier of diagnostic and filtration materials, delivers high yield, optically clear plasma from whole blood. Ideal for applications used in diagnostic devices where rapid conversion is required from small sample volumes (5-20 µl).

The thin, 0.375 mm caliper of D‑23‑TC1®has a low density allowing for faster wicking rates and vertical transfer of separated plasma in microfluidic applications.  The modified surface tension results in very rapid surface wetting.  When biochemically modified with a proprietary agglutinating chemistry, the D‑23‑TC1®material produces high-quality plasma 25% faster than uncoated material with little or no hemolysis. The base glass material is uniform in formation and density providing highly repeatable conversion rates. Samples of the D‑23‑TC1®plasma separator material and expert support for product configuration are available at the I.W. Tremont exhibit booth, #1970, open during the 71st AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo, August 4 through 8 in Anaheim, CA.

"Through a long-standing partnership with a CRO specializing in plasma separation, we pioneered agglutination chemistry surface treatment of glass microfibers to improve higher plasma yields.  Our products have been successfully commercialized in patented devices with 510K approval," says James A. Averso, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at I.W. Tremont. "Our thin caliper D‑23‑TC1®material is based on the successful D23®plasma separator technology platform we introduced to the market 10 years ago," he added.

D‑23‑TC1® is composed of borosilicate glass microfiber filter media with a unique binder system which provides a precisely engineered porosity and fiber matrix. In the uncoated base glass configuration, the D‑23‑TC1®material demonstrates a plasma yield of approximately 15% by volume at a nominal hematocrit range. Suitable for use in automated device assembly, D‑23‑TC1®is manufactured with lot-to-lot consistency and may be supplied as rolls, reels, sheets, and semi-finished converted configurations in both coated and uncoated grades. Certificates of Conformance and Certificates of Analysis are provided with shipments. I.W. Tremont facilities comply with ISO quality guidelines and FDA Good Manufacturing Practices and offer extensive manufacturing capabilities.

Experts at I.W. Tremont provide practical assistance to device developers for selecting the optimal blood separator to accommodate their needs. The company is exhibiting at booth 1970 during the Clinical Lab Expo and samples of the D‑23‑TC1®materials, coated or uncoated, will be available. For more information or to request samples, contact I.W. Tremont at [email protected], call 1-973-427-3800 or visit the website at

Company Profile:

I.W. Tremont is a USA based manufacturer of analytical and diagnostic filtration products specializing in glass microfiber and cellulose media. Our unique product lines include specialty materials that are used routinely in life science, medical, environmental, food, industrial, transportation, Homeland Security and Defense applications. We manufacture in ISO9001:2015 registered facilities which GMP compliance.  Founded in 1979, the company prides itself on providing the highest level of customer service and long-term supply partnership. 

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