Newswise — Jessica Rennells, a climatologist and extension support specialist at the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University, comments on data released this week by the center that shows this spring ranks among the hottest on record throughout the region.

Rennells says:

“June 1 marks the end of climatological spring, the months of March, April and May. All of the first-order stations in the Northeast ranked in their top three warmest springs, 28 of the 35 had their warmest spring on record.

“Not only did the record breaking March contribute to this, but May was warm as well, with 32 of the first-order stations ranking in their top 10 warmest Mays. This warm trend has continued for more than a year at 15 of the stations, where above normal temperatures have continued for at least 13 consecutive months.

“April dipped below normal for other stations, breaking the above-normal trend in some areas. Large waves in the jet stream have slowed down weather patterns, allowing warm air to dominate March and May.”

. . . . .

Table 1: Northeast Stations and Warmest Springs on Record
LocationSpring 2012RankPrevious RecordYear
Bridgeport, CT54.3153.72010
Dulles, VA59.0158.62010
Washington, DC62.2160.71977
Wilmington, DE57.3157.01985
Worcester, MA51.3150.92010
Baltimore, MD59.4159.11945
Concord, NH49.7149.31921
Atlantic City, NJ56.6156.02010
Newark, NJ57.7157.42010
Albany, NY52.4152.31921
Binghamton, NY50.5150.32010
Buffalo, NY52.2150.81991
Islip, NY54.1153.62010
Rochester, NY52.1151.41921
Syracuse, NY52.3151.21921
Allentown, PA55.8154.12010
Erie, PA52.7152.51921
Harrisburg, PA56.9156.22010
Philadelphia, PA58.7158.12010
Scranton, PA54.1153.81921
Burlington, VT50.3149.31903
Beckley, WV57.5155.51991
Elkins, WV54.9153.81921
Huntington, WV60.5160.11929
Boston, MA53.4153.22010
JFK, NYC55.5155.42010
Hartford, CT54.31*54.32010
LaGuardia, NYC57.41*57.42010
Central Park, NYC57.0257.12010
Pittsburgh, PA56.3256.61921
Charleston, WV60.5260.71921
Williamsport, PA55.12*55.42010
Portland, ME48.22*48.82010
Providence, RI53.1353.92010
Caribou, ME42.23*43.92010
*Tied with other year(s)

Table 2: Northeast Stations and Consecutive Months Above Normal Temperature
LocationConsecutive Months Above Normal
Allentown, PA16
Atlantic City, NJ16
Baltimore, MD16
Newark, NJ16
Bridgeport, CT15
Islip, NY15
Albany, NY14
Burlington, VT14
Central Park, NYC14
Harrisburg, PA14
Hartford, CT14
LaGuardia, NYC14
Williamsport, PA14
Caribou, ME13
Boston, MA11
Providence, RI11
Worcester, MA11
Philadelphia, PA9
Portland, ME9
Concord, NH8
Beckley, WV7
Elkins, WV7
Washington, DC7
Wilmington, DE7
Binghamton, NY1
Buffalo, NY1
Charleston, WV1
Dulles, VA1
Erie, PA1
Huntington, WV1
Pittsburgh, PA1
Rochester, NY1
Scranton, PA1
Syracuse, NY1

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