Newswise — In addition to conducting high level research, members of the IAR are committed to serving the community and individuals with autism and related developmental disorders through provision of effective intervention and treatment programs, as well as consultation with parents, educators, and clinical providers.

Co-directors Christopher Lopata, PsyD, and Marcus Thomeer, PhD, are available to discuss autism spectrum disorder, the IAR’s treatment programs summerMAX and schoolMAX, and the clinical trials that have proven these programs highly successful.

Christopher Lopata, PsyD Co-Director, Institute for Autism Research, Canisius University Professor, Department of Psychology

Marcus L. Thomeer, PhD Co-Director, Institute for Autism Research, Canisius University   Professor, Department of Psychology

Results of a long-term outcome study published by the IAR found their innovative school social intervention (schoolMAX) and summer social intervention (summerMAX) yielded sustained, comparable, and positive longer-term outcomes for autistic youth (without intellectual disability).

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