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    19-Feb-2019 9:00 AM EST

Article ID: 708150

Children on the Autism Spectrum with Co-Occurring ADHD Symptoms Lag Behind in Key Measures of Independence and Communication

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

A pair of new studies has provided new insight into the challenges faced by children on the autism spectrum who exhibit symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). According to the findings from researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), these children have difficulty with adaptive behavior, a key measure of independence.

15-Feb-2019 9:40 AM EST
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    18-Feb-2019 3:00 PM EST

Article ID: 708170

Mapping Brain Circuits in Newborns May Aid Early Detection of Autism

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

A new map of newborn babies’ brains offers details of structure that will provide a new reference for researchers studying both typical brain development and neurological disorders. Using noninvasive, 20-minute MRI scans, researchers have revealed some of the complex and precisely organized brain architecture that emerges as the brain reshapes itself during the third trimester of pregnancy.

15-Feb-2019 1:00 PM EST

Article ID: 707909

Human Brain Protein Associated with Autism Confers Abnormal Behavior in Fruit Flies

University of Alabama at Birmingham

A mutant gene for a brain protein in a child with autism has been placed into the brains of fruit flies. Fruit flies hosting that gene produce the variant human brain protein and show abnormal behaviors of fear, repetitive activity and altered social interaction, reminiscent of autism impairments.

11-Feb-2019 3:05 PM EST
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    11-Feb-2019 11:00 AM EST

Article ID: 707667

Cell component breakdown suggests possible treatment for multiple neural disorders

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research from the University of Wisconsin–Madison reveals how one mutation causes fragile X, the most common inherited intellectual disability. Fragile X patients have difficulty in learning and language, as well as temper tantrums, hyperactivity and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Nearly half of fragile X patients are also diagnosed with autism.

6-Feb-2019 2:05 PM EST

Article ID: 707670

Researchers Find Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is Related to Low Levels in Big Five Personality Traits

Canisius College

A study by Canisius College researchers determined that individuals with ASD are often low in key personality traits associated with important life outcomes.

6-Feb-2019 3:05 PM EST

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 707636

Big Data Approach Shown To Be Effective for Evaluating Autism Treatments

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who developed a blood test to help diagnose autism spectrum disorder have now successfully applied their distinctive big data-based approach to evaluating possible treatments.

6-Feb-2019 12:05 PM EST



Article ID: 707424

Early Intervention in Autism Improves Language, IQ and Social Skills

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Breakthrough research demonstrating that children with autism as young as 18 months can vastly improve their language, cognition and social skills with an early intervention developed by UC Davis Professor Sally Rogers has been replicated in a major new study.

4-Feb-2019 8:05 AM EST

Article ID: 707293

Difference in Brain Connectivity May Explain Autism Spectrum Disorder

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Researchers find brain overconnectivity in the unimodal-subcortical connections and brain underconnectivity in the supramodal-subcortical connections for ASD individuals, as compared to a typically developing control group, suggesting a relationship between connectivity and the expression of ASD.

30-Jan-2019 3:05 PM EST

Article ID: 707266

Novel Autism Mouse Model Based on an Epigenetic Gene Developed

University of California San Diego Health

In a study published January 17, 2019 in Translational Psychiatry, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine describe how, in a novel mouse model, epigenetic regulation negatively impacts a downstream gene specifically involved in neurodevelopment and associated behaviors.

30-Jan-2019 11:05 AM EST

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