Charlottesville, VA (January 1, 2021). The January 2021 issue of Neurosurgical Focus: Video (Vol. 4, Issue 1 []) features 15 video articles on neurosurgical treatment of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) located in the posterior fossa. 

An introduction to the issue is provided by the January topic editors: Mustafa K. Baskaya, Adib A. Abla, Daniel L. Barrow, and Adam S. Arthur.

From the January issue topic editors,

“We have selected 15 videos from four continents. These videos were chosen for their demonstration of state-of-the-art techniques in the treatment of posterior fossa AVMs via microsurgical resection. This collection of videos by masters in the field of neurovascular surgery illustrates surgical decision-making, technical mastery, operative nuances, technological innovations, and complication avoidance, demonstrating the beauty and danger of AVMs in the posterior fossa location.

It is our hope that this collection of videos serves as an educational tool for neurosurgical trainees in understanding these lesions, while also providing an update on the current state of surgical treatments for more experienced clinicians.”

The following articles can be found in this issue:

  • “Introduction: Arteriovenous malformations of the posterior fossa: surgical excellence and technological innovation” by Mustafa K. Baskaya et al.
  • “Microsurgical resection of previously embolized recurrent cerebellopontine angle AVM” by Ehsan Dowlati et al.
  • “Editorial: To embolize or not to embolize: that is the question for arteriovenous malformations” by Mustafa K. Baskaya and Angela M. Richardson
  • “Microsurgical resection of an anterior medullary arteriovenous malformation” by Joshua S. Catapano et al.
  • “Transcondylar fossa approach for the large, high-flow, and diffuse arteriovenous malformation of the posterior fossa” by Koichi Torihashi et al.
  • “Suboccipital craniectomy with bilateral cerebellomedullary fissure dissection for resection of a ruptured tonsillar/vermian AVM occupying the roof of the fourth ventricle in a pregnant patient” by Daniel M. S. Raper et al.
  • “Microsurgical treatment of a posterior fossa arteriovenous malformation initially mistaken for a dural arteriovenous fistula: avoidance of near disaster” by Brian M. Howard and Daniel L. Barrow
  • “Sitting supracerebellar infratentorial approach for resection of posterior fossa arteriovenous malformation” by Evan Joyce et al.
  • “Endoscopic-assisted parieto-occipital interhemispheric precuneal transtentorial approach for microsurgical resection of vermian arteriovenous malformation: operative video and technical nuances” by Kevin Zhao et al.
  • “Intraoperative application of a new-generation 3D IV-DSA technology in resection of a hemorrhagic cerebellar AVM” by Burak Ozaydin et al.
  • “Usefulness of the middle cerebellar peduncle approach for microsurgical resection of lateral pontine arteriovenous malformation” by Shinsuke Tominaga et al.
  • “Giant diffuse cerebellar AVM: managing ultimate intraoperative challenges” by Benjamin K. Hendricks and Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol
  • “Microsurgical resection of unruptured cerebellar arteriovenous malformation presenting with trigeminal neuralgia” by Walter Marani et al.
  • “Combined treatment for a hemispheric cerebellar AVM” by Bruno Loof de Amorim et al.
  • “Lateral supracerebellar infratentorial approach for a ruptured cerebellomesencephalic fissure arteriovenous malformation resection” by Livio Pereira and Eduardo Vieira
  • “Combined strategies on the treatment of cerebellar arteriovenous malformation” by Marcos Dellaretti et al.
  • “Multimodal treatment of a pediatric posterior fossa arteriovenous malformation employing endovascular and microsurgical techniques” by Zeferino Demartini Jr. et al.

Please join us in viewing these fascinating video articles on neurosurgical treatment of posterior fossa AVMs.




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