Newswise — The commercial facilities sector plays an important role in creating anti-terrorism technologies that can help save lives. However, sometimes developers are hesitant to deploy their products if there’s fear of being held liable for damages from potential future attacks. The SAFETY Act program addresses these concerns and incentivizes anti-terrorism technology development through risk and litigation management protections. Interested in learning how your building might benefit from SAFETY Act Certification or Designation? Attend the upcoming DHS Science and Technology Directorate Facebook Town Hall: SAFETY Act for Commercial Facilities!

The Office of SAFETY Act Implementation will be available to answer your questions and provide examples of theoretical technologies that could receive SAFETY Act protections. The program’s liability covers a wide range of technologies, including products, services, software, and other forms of intellectual property (e.g. sensors, detection systems, cyber security technologies, decision support software, blast mitigation materials, anti-terrorism security services, etc.). Qualifying claims are limited to those resulting from an act of terrorism where approved technologies have been deployed. We’ll provide additional insight about these and other commercial facility-related issues, answering questions such as: • How is “technology” defined for commercial facilities? • What types of commercial facility activities are covered under the SAFETY Act? • What should I know before preparing my commercial facility/venue application?

Join us March 23, 2017 from 1-2pm EDT on the Facebook town hall event page. The session will take place in the “Discussion” tab, and will not involve any audio or video. Members of the SAFETY Act team will be available to answer your questions and provide specific guidance on applying for the program. We look forward to the discussion!

For more information, watch a brief overview of the SAFETY Act program. Follow S&T on Facebook and Twitter for more updates on the SAFETY Act!