Newswise — Charlottesville, VA (July 1, 2021). The July 2021 issue of Neurosurgical Focus: Video (Vol. 5, Issue 1 []) features 14 video articles on neurosurgical management of pineal region tumors. 

Topic editors:            Frederick A. Boop, Jeffrey N. Bruce,  Uğur Türe, and David J. Daniels

In their introduction, the topic editors state:

“In this Neurosurgical Focus: Video issue, master neurosurgeons from around the world have contributed microsurgical videos of current surgical approaches to pineal pathologies that we hope you will find informative. May your patients be better because of them!”

The following articles can be found in the July issue:

  • “Introduction. Pineal region tumors” by Frederick A. Boop et al.
  • “Posterior interhemispheric occipital transtentorial approach for resection of a falcotentorial meningioma” by Visish M. Srinivasan et al.
  • “Right occipital transtentorial approach for a pineal malignant germ cell tumor” by Brian J. A. Gill et al.
  • “Occipital interhemispheric transtentorial approach to a pineoblastoma in a 4-year-old child” by Alessia Imperato et al.
  • “Interhemispheric transcallosal transchoroidal approach to a pineal teratoma in a 15-year-old boy” by Giuseppe Cinalli et al.
  • “Occipital posterior interhemispheric supratentorial approach for resection of midbrain cavernous malformation” by Turki Elarjani et al.
  • “Microscopic resection of a giant epidermoid tumor of the pineal region via supracerebellar infra and transtentorial approach with endoscope assistance” by Marco Antônio Zanini et al.
  • “Meningioma of posterolateral tentorial incisura: a case demonstration of paramedian supracerebellar transtentorial approach” by Abdullah Keles et al.
  • “Combined microsurgical-endoscopic paramedian supracerebellar-infratentorial approach for resection of a pineal low-grade glioma” by Juan M. Revuelta Barbero et al.
  • “Endoscopic supracerebellar infratentorial approach to pineal region epidermoid tumorby John Muse et al.
  • “Interhemispheric transcallosal intervenous approach to a pineal region tumor” by Daniel A. Donoho and Guillermo Aldave
  • “Retractorless interforniceal approach for microsurgical resection of a papillary tumor of the pineal region: operative video and technical nuances” by James K. Liu and Neil Majmundar
  • “Resection of a recurrent pineal region teratoma via a posterior interhemispheric transcallosal approach” by David S. Hersh et al.
  • “Resection of a pineal region papillary tumor using robotic exoscope: improved visualization and ergonomics for deep seeded tumor” by Wei X. Huff et al.
  • “Anterior endoscopic transcortical approach to a pineal region cavernous hemangiomaby Jiuhong Li et al.

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