The successful launch of the world’s largest rocket has set the bar high for the future of space travel and exploration, says Virginia Tech expert Nahum Arav. “The ability to make more powerful rockets with lower production costs will position SpaceX as a leader in rocket production among competitors.”

Quoting Arav

“The SpaceX Falcon Heavy is the heaviest launch vehicle since the Saturn V that landed people on the moon 45-50 years ago. The rocket has the ability to lift into orbit 140,000 pounds, which is twice the payload of the most current capable rocket, the Delta IV Heavy, at one-third of the cost,” says Nahum Arav, a professor of physics at Virginia Tech.

“While NASA is working to build an even bigger rocket, scheduled for launch in 2020, Elon Musk has developed a model that has greater capacity and more payload than any other rocket to-date with comparatively lower production costs. It’s reasonable to assume that SpaceX will have a major share of the market within a few years.”  

About Arav

Nahum Arav is a professor of physics at Virginia Tech. His work focuses on the influence of super massive black holes on structure formation in the universe and kinetic energy sources to assess its influence on galactic and intergalactic environments. More here.

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