Newswise — SEATTLE – According to the American Cancer Society, 50 percent of cancer is completely preventable and about 90 percent is curable if detected early. To help people adopt healthier habits that can reduce their risk of developing cancer, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) launched a new mobile app and website, SCCA DoOne The campaign encourages people to start by picking one healthy change and doing it every day until it becomes a habit. The Do One Thing website includes information about diet, exercise, and prevention as well as expert advice from doctors at SCCA and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Once a person has decided what they’d like to change, they can use the Do One Thing app to set daily reminders, track their progress, and more. The app has been downloaded by more than 16,000 people.

“There are so many mixed messages regarding cancer prevention and early detection that it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed,” said Dr. Gralow, Director, Breast Medical Oncology at SCCA. “Do One Thing is a great resource for people looking to take small steps towards becoming healthier. My ‘One Thing’ is committing to mini workouts during my busy work week. I love that the app holds me accountable and keeps me on track.” When creating the Do One Thing app, experts at SCCA recognized that habits are deeply ingrained behaviors a person performs without thinking. It takes time and repetition before the new, healthy behavior becomes second nature. Luckily, as easy as it is to develop bad habits, it’s just as easy to develop good habits, especially with a little help. App users are able to select habits from a preexisting library, such as: eating breakfast every day, drinking water, flossing, going to bed at a regular time, or committing to taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Do One Thing also allows users to custom create your own habits and allows users to share their new habits with friends. The easy to use mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android devices and is based on the science behind “Healthy Habits,” a U.S. Surgeon General’s award winning app.

In addition to the mobile app, the accompanying website - - is focused on engaging the public in a dialogue about healthy behaviors and the latest in cancer prevention and screening. The site also provides additional information on ongoing screening and preventative care ideas and tips, especially for those who believe they may be at a high risk.

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