All organs are vital to sustaining life, and all require oxygen to properly function. This is what makes our lungs important and why maintaining healthy lungs is critical. Sometimes that’s as easy as not smoking, avoiding pollutants, and exercising. Other times, it requires screenings for early detection of lung cancer.

Dr. Susan Gunn, pulmonologist at Ochsner Health who specializes in thoracic oncology, shares information on the robotic advanced bronchoscopy procedure to diagnose abnormalities on the lungs. Dr. Gunn has been performing this procedure at Ochsner Health since 2021, and just recently performed her 100th robotic procedure.

“What we are really trying to promote is lung cancer screening,” said Dr. Gunn. “Anyone between the age of 50 and 80, who have smoked a pack a day for 20 years and are current or former smokers should consider screening for early detection of lung cancer and overall lung health.”

October is Health Lung Month. To raise awareness both locally and nationally for lung health and the importance of early detection of lung diseases, we’ve prepared a package of high-resolution video of that covers the robotic lung procedure.

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