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Newswise — Article title: Nucleolin mediates the binding of cancer cells to L-selectin under conditions of lymphodynamic shear stress

Authors: Tovë M. Goldson, Kevin L. Turner, Yinan Huang, Grady E. Carlson, Emily G. Caggiano, Andres F. Oberhauser, Susan M. Fennewald, Monica M. Burdick, Vicente A. Resto

From the authors: “Our work now identifies nucleolin, a protein expressed intracellularly as well as on the cell surface, as an L-selectin ligand active under physiologically relevant conditions of lymphodynamic shear stress, not just in unstressed, immuno-affinity assays.”

This study is highlighted as one of December's "best of the best" as part of the American Physiological Society's APSselect program.