Newswise — Randox Quality Control is set to introduce its brand new Acusera Infectious Disease (Serology) Controls at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry 2019, designed to deliver a cost-effective, high quality solution for the analysis of infectious diseases whilst producing trustworthy results.

The Infectious Disease Serology Internal Quality Controls will include quality control material for Lyme Disease, ToRCH, Epstein-Barr virus, HIV, Hepatitis A virus, Human T-lymphotropic virus, Cytomegalovirus, and Varicella zoster virus (Chickenpox or Shingles).

Manufactured from human plasma, each control is designed to react to the test system in the same manner as the patient sample, helping to meet ISO 15189:2012 requirements while also reducing inconvenient shifts in QC results when reagent batches are changed.

Lynsey Adams, Randox Quality Control Manager, commented;

“These controls are the first of their kind on the market to be used on a wide range of immunoassay analysers. Unlike the current practice of analyser-specific tests, these controls can be used across a wide range of laboratory technologies and, with a working stability of 60 days at 2°c to 8°c, waste and costs are kept to a minimum.”

Acusera Infectious Disease (Serology) Controls are also multi-analyte and therefore, testing can be consolidated to just a small number of vials, saving laboratories valuable space and time. A single control can be used to assess performance across a range of analytes.

Key benefits of the Acusera Infectious Disease Controls;

  • All samples are provided in a user-friendly, liquid, ready-to-use format
  • Manufactured from human plasma, each control reacts to the test system in the same manner as a patient sample
  • Designed to deliver an independent, unbiased assessment of performance with any immunoassay instrument
  • Working stability of 60 days ensures waste and costs are kept to a minimum
  • Multi-marker controls help reduce the number of individual controls required
  • Designed to challenge clinically-relevant levels, samples will ensure accurate and reliable instrument performance

Ideal for microbiology and virology laboratories, blood banks, public health laboratories or clinical laboratories performing serology testing, Randox QC’s Acusera Infectious Disease (Serology) Controls are set to revolutionise serology testing and provide reliable, accurate results time and time again.

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