Rutgers Scholar Available to Discuss FTC-Facebook Settlement

Expert Pitch

New Brunswick, N.J. (July 25, 2019) – Vivek Singh, a Rutgers expert on the use of mobile devices for influencing human behavior, is available to comment on the implications of the Federal Trade Commission’s $5 billion settlement with Facebook for failing to control personal data.

“While $5 billion dollars sounds like a huge amount, it is less than one-tenth of what Facebook made just last year,” he said. “Therefore, it’s unlikely that Facebook will stop collecting data, which is at the core of its revenue generation. In the future, they are likely to be more careful with some of their handling of data and the optics of it. Mark Zuckerberg’s statement about needing hundreds of engineers and thousands of professionals to build the next layer of privacy protections at Facebook is curious. It underscores the need to train engineering students about privacy and to add ethics to the core of computational education.”

Singh, a professor at Rutgers University–New Brunswick’s School of Communication and Information, directs the university’s Behavioral Informatics Lab, which focuses on the realms of big data analytics, computational social science and multimedia information systems. 

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