Newswise — Super Bowl excitement can lead to distraction in many offices and workplaces – but a Virginia Tech expert warns managers to be careful about taking a hardline attitude when it comes to the big game

“If you look at the best places to work, it’s always places where people have fun,” said William Becker, an associate professor who specializes in workplace emotion and turnover. “Companies can benefit by embracing the Super Bowl. I think the biggest danger is taking a draconian approach that sends a message that the organization and its leaders only care about profits and see employees as cogs.”


  • “Efforts to try to avoid productivity loss are probably at best, ineffective. The better strategy for employers should be to embrace the Super Bowl, because it creates a shared experience with employees.”
  • “Managers should take this opportunity to connect with their employees because this is something they’ll really appreciate and remember for a long time. Research really does show it can improve dedication, focus and even employee retention.”


Becker is an associate professor in the Department of Management at Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business. His research interests include work emotion, turnover, organizational neuroscience, and leadership, is based at Virginia Tech’s National Capital Region campus in metro Washington, D.C.

His latest study, regarding employer expectations about after-hours emails, has been widely reported in the media.

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