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We are pleased to announce that we enter with this issue the 18th year of publishing Stem Cell Reviews and Reports. Our journal is one of most read journals in area of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. We are pleased to acknowledge the excellent work of our Section Editors, Editorial Board members, and dedicated reviewers. We accept the best papers only, and our impact factor for year 2020 increased to 5.739 with five-year impact factor being 5.171. Stem Cell Reviews and Reports covers a broad range of topics, including different aspects of stem cell biology and tissue/organ regeneration. Last year we published 6 issues and two of them were thematic—focused on “COVID-19 Pandemic and Stem Cells” edited by Prof. Mariusz Z. Ratajczak (February 2021 issue) and on “Exosomes and Microvesicles: from Stem Cell Biology to Translation in Human Diseases” edited by Prof. Giovanni Camussi (April 2021 issue). Papers included in both thematic issues covered important topics and are already very well cited. As for year 2022 there are in preparation of few other special issues. What is also exciting we increased significantly the number of published papers per issue what brings a total number of papers published in 2021 to 182 + 74 papers are accepted and already published and accessible online. Our acceptance rate is close to 30%. Moreover, what is an important announcement for 2022 we will increase number of published issues to eight/year.

Taking into consideration the increasing number of submitted papers to SCRR, in the last year we were lucky to recruit new Section Editors – Prof. Deepa Bhartiya from National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, India, (section on—Stem Cells and Reproduction), Prof. Leung Lai Han from Macau University of Science and Technology (section on—Immune System, Cell Therapy and Tissue Regeneration) and Prof. Buddha Dawn from University of Nevada, USA (section on—Cardiovascular Regeneration). Because of our goal to struggle for excellence and an increasing number of submissions we also welcome a new Editorial Board members – Drs. Jason M Butler, USA, Maegan L. Capitano, USA, Shibashish Giri, Germany, Ali Golchin, Iran, Xinxin Huang, PR. China, Nibedita Lenka, India, Alexey Moskalev, Russia, Sreepoorna Pramodh, United Arab Emirates, Wu Qiang, Macau, Rodrigo R. Resende, Brazil, Elisa Rossi, France, Vuk Savkovic, Germany, Rama S. Verma, India, Márcia Rosângela Wink, Brazil, Mingjiang Xu, USA, and Jiwang Zhang, USA.

Our journal is open not only to present exciting scientific progress, but also to new and challenging ideas as well as discuss some controversies in the field of stem cell research. Paradigms in science change with time and in stem cell biology there are still many doors to be opened in order to understand this fascinating cell system, and courageous young investigators are needed. In pursuing scientific truth it is also important to be critical and to keep in mind famous saying from Albert Einstein who stated “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” and one from Maria Sklodowska-Curie who said “I was taught that the way of progress is neither swift or easy”. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your best work and help establish our journal as the premier journal in this important field.

Stem Cell Reviews and Reports will continue to publish the latest discoveries and to entertain challenging and provocative ideas. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your best work and help establish our journal as the premier journal in this important field.

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