The Book That Will Bring Objective Strength Measurement to Therapy

20-Aug-2018 5:00 AM EDT


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Newswise — CHICAGO, Aug. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- MET is pleased to announce the forthcoming (August 20th) launch of their book Hand-Held Dynamometry: Guidelines for Daily Clinical Practice written by physical therapist Dr. Frank Aerts and occupational therapist Becky Alwood.

While research on the validity of hand-held dynamometry is robust, a gap between academic research and practical application remained. This guide puts an end to that.  Serving as the bridge, Hand-Held Dynamometry: Guidelines for Daily Clinical Practice provides clinicians with  standardized testing postures and positions, instrument placement, and best practices for achieving accurate and reliable objective strength measurements.

"As practicing therapists ourselves, our objective from the onset was to keep applicability and ease in clinical practice as our guiding principles. We devised this step by step field guide to facilitate the most efficient clinical implementation. By doing so, we are confident that precision design, dosing, and delivery of rehabilitation will be more accurate, engaging, and beneficial to patients than it ever has been." - Frank Aerts, PT, DSc, OCS, CMP, CMPT, CMET, CCVT

Divided into five sections, the book opens with the foundation behind the science and research supporting the use of hand-held dynamometry in the modern clinical setting. This foundation is what undergirds the "movement, muscle, exercise" concept that helps clinicians apply the research in a systematic way. The guide goes on to show the standardized postures and positions for clinicians and clients when performing movement, muscle and exercise bias tests.

Providing client-centered care is the goal of all clinicians, experienced and beginner alike. Whether it's helping clients perform their favorite activities, regain independence, or stay engaged in a sport, Hand-Held Dynamometry: Guidelines for Daily Clinical Practice allows the clinician to apply unsurpassed precision in clinical examination, exercise design, and exercise dosing. The rationale is to provide evidence-based therapy in a holistic manner—one that offers individualized metrics for the client to optimize outcomes.

To find out more information about the book, purchase a copy, to request interviews with the authors, or for more information about MET, go to or contact Sam Maule of Crane + Grey at or (312)780-9165.

About MET: With decades of experience through seminars, consulting, and as practitioners, MET has long been focused on bringing together the most effective tools and the latest research to assist rehab professionals. Their MET-odology focuses on design, dosing, and delivery of precision therapeutic exercise and interventions within a value-based healthcare system.





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