University Experts Share Thoughts On DACA

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Released: 31-Aug-2017 3:35 PM EDT

Source Newsroom: Stony Brook University

Expert Pitch
  • Credit: Stony Brook University

    Lori Flores, Assistant History Professor

  • Credit: Stony Brook University

    Nancy Hiemstra, Assistant Professor

President Trump is expected to announce the end of Obama-era DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program as early as Friday, September 1. Following are two Stony Brook University Professors who can share expert thoughts regarding this pending news. 

Assistant Professor Nancy Hiemstra, a political geographer whose research focuses on the consequences of immigration enforcement policies, shared the following:

"Cancellation of this program would wreak havoc on individuals, families, communities, and businesses across the country. It would also deepen the growing sense of division in the country, and go against the support of a large majority of Americans for "Dreamers," said Nancy Hiemstra

Assistant Professor Lori Flores, an expert in undocumented immigration, says:

"DACA recipients have become teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, business owners, and more, giving back to their communities and staying strong in the face of rising xenophobic sentiment. If Trump suddenly ditches DACA or lets it expire, he is sending a message that he does not want diverse and bright young minds in this nation. DACA provides a legal avenue for these youth to live safe lives full of potential that in the end not only serve them, but the rest of us too. Trump's smartest move would be to not alienate and drive these youth away, but instead realize and acknowledge that they are an asset to America," said Lori Flores. 

If needed, all experts have access to a ReadyCam television studio system that provides remote access to television networks. 


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