A University of California, Irvine ecologist and humanities dean believe scientists and humanists must collaborate to solve climate change. Together, they’ve developed a program to embed humanities graduate students in science teams, an idea that climate research centers are also exploring.

Steven D. Allison is professor of ecology & evolutionary biology and earth system science; Tyrus Miller is dean of the School of Humanities.

They recently co-authored “Why science needs the humanities to solve climate change,” which published in The Conversation. Arguing that "stronger collaborations across the humanities and sciences are key for effective climate solutions," they write, "So far, scientific facts have not motivated Americans to support the huge societal transformations needed to stop climate change.... By tapping into what moves people, the emerging field of environmental humanities can help spur climate action."

 Steven D. Allison’s contact information:

Phone: 949-824-2341

Email: [email protected]

Tyrus Miller’s contact information:

Phone: 949-824-5133

Email:  [email protected]