UNLV psychology professor and gender research expert Rachael Robnett is available for comment on a recent op-ed in The Wall Street Journal criticizing educator and incoming first lady Jill Biden's use of the title "Dr." 

Dr. Robnett is a developmental psychologist whose research examines the causes and implications of gender bias and gender-role adherence. This includes everything from the role of women (and other underrepresented groups) in STEM or other career fields to how a woman's choice to keep her maiden name after marriage affects others' perceptions of her and her husband.

Regarding the op-ed, Dr. Robnett said:

"Unfortunately, Mr. Epstein's sexist call for Dr. Biden to abandon her "Dr." title is nothing new for women in academia, who are often not afforded the same level of respect as their male colleagues. For example, it's common for students to refer to female professors by their first names while automatically granting the Dr. title to male professors. What sets Mr. Epstein's Op-Ed apart from these subtle patterns of bias is its overtly sexist nature. Standout portions include implying that the public should refer to Dr. Biden as "kiddo" and referring to Dr. Biden's dissertation as "unpromising" based on the title. The latter is particularly breathtaking given that Mr. Epstein's highest degree is a bachelor's degree in a field completely unrelated to Dr. Biden's area of expertise."

You can read Dr. Robnett's expert page, which includes a bio and links to her research and media clips featuring her insights, on UNLV's News Center: https://www.unlv.edu/news/expert/rachael-d-robnett