Newswise — CLEVELANDMay 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- NeuroTherapia, an early-stage clinical pharmaceutical company, announced today that it has received a grant from the Alzheimer's Association Part the Cloud program for the development of its first-in-class drug, NTRX-07, for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD).

The grant from the Alzheimer's Association will help fund the clinical development of NTRX-07, which has shown promising results in preclinical studies and in a small cohort of AD subjects in a Phase 1 study for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. NTRX-07 is a novel drug that targets neuroinflammation, a key driver of Alzheimer's disease, and has the potential to slow or even halt the progression of the disease.

"We're thrilled to receive this grant from Part the Cloud and to have their support in the development of NTRX-07," said Tony Giordano, CEO of NeuroTherapia. "Alzheimer's disease is a devastating illness that affects millions of people worldwide, and we're committed to developing innovative treatments that can make a real difference in the lives of patients and their families."

"NTRX-07 represents a new approach to the treatment of AD by addressing the neuroinflammation that plays a role in the damage to the brain. It is an orally administered drug, showing a good safety profile at doses predicted to be efficacious based on modeling of the animal data in the recently completed Phase 1 safety studies in healthy volunteers and a small group of patients with Alzheimer's disease," said Joseph Foss, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for NeuroTherapia. "This Phase 2a study will expand our understanding of the drug in patients with Alzheimer's Disease and may provide early insights into its effects."

"Treatments that target Alzheimer's from all angles and all stages of the disease are essential, and that's why strategic research funding that works to diversify the drug pipeline is so important," said Heather Snyder, Ph.D., Alzheimer's Association vice president of medical and scientific relations. "The Alzheimer's Association through Part the Cloud is thrilled to support promising early stage clinical trials, such as this one, by helping accelerate the transition of findings from the laboratory into possible treatments."

This is the second grant for the development of NTRX-07 from the Alzheimer's Association. NeuroTherapia has also received venture funding from the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation, Cleveland Clinic, Brain Trust Accelerator Fund II and Dolby Family Ventures that allowed the Company to complete Phase 1 clinical trials and position itself for the upcoming Phase 2a trial, which is designed not only to show safety and tolerability but also to give an indication of biological activity.

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