Newswise — OAKLAND, Calif.June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- TermHub, the cloud-based healthcare terminology management system, is proud to announce that it now fully supports all content mandated in the latest version of the United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI), specifically USCDI Version 4. This significant enhancement underscores TermHub's commitment to ensuring US-based digital healthcare startups meet the evolving needs of the digital healthcare landscape. TermHub provides USCDI's mandated code systems, making them available via FHIR APIs, browsers, or for download, and allowing organizations to self-customize solely those terminology-version pairs necessary for their projects' use cases.

Why USCDI Compliance Matters

Regulatory Requirements: Compliance with USCDI is essential due to increasingly important federal regulations. The 21st Century Cures Act mandates the use of standardized data elements to promote interoperability and ensure seamless health information exchange across the United States healthcare system. By adhering to USCDI Version 4 standards, healthcare organizations can:

  • Enhance Data Accuracy and Consistency: Standardized data elements ensure that information is accurately and consistently exchanged between different healthcare entities. This regulatory requirement helps maintain high data quality, which is crucial for effective patient care and operational efficiency.
  • Access Federal Incentives: Federal programs offer incentives to organizations that adopt interoperable health IT systems. Compliance with USCDI Version 4 positions organizations to take advantage of these financial incentives, promoting the adoption of advanced health information technologies.
  • Avoid Penalties: Non-compliance with federal regulations can result in significant financial penalties. Ensuring compliance with USCDI Version 4 helps organizations avoid these penalties and stay in good standing with regulatory bodies.

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned for future press releases where we will announce exciting new features and onboarding of new content coming to TermHub. Our ongoing enhancements are designed to further empower healthcare organizations with innovative healthcare terminology-based tools and functionalities that help ensure healthcare data analysis and interoperability.

90 Days Free Access

We remind everyone that they are invited to sign up for a 90-day free access trial of TermHub. Experience firsthand the benefits of a comprehensive, USCDI Version 4 compliant terminology management system.

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West Coast Informatics is committed to driving innovation in healthcare through intelligent technology solutions. TermHub is a testament to this commitment, empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their data and focus on what they do best - delivering exceptional products for clinicians, researchers, and patients.

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