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Article title: Sleeve gastrectomy enhances glucose utilization and remodels adipose tissue independent of weight loss

Authors: David A. Harris, Amir Mina, Dimitrije Cabarkapa, Keyvan Heshmati, Renuka Subramaniam, Alexander S. Banks, Ali Tavakkoli, Eric G. Sheu

From the authors: “[Sleeve gastrectomy] induces a rapid, weight-loss independent shift towards glucose utilization and transcriptional remodeling of metabolic and immune pathways in visceral adipose tissue. Continued study of this early post-[sleeve gastrectomy] physiology may lead to better understanding of the anti-diabetic mechanisms of bariatric surgery.”

This study is highlighted as one of April's "best of the best" as part of the American Physiological Society's APSselect program.


Journal Link: American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism