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Article title: Virus-induced genetics revealed by multidimensional precision medicine transcriptional workflow applicable to COVID-19

Authors: Jeremy W. Prokop, Rama Shankar, Ruchir Gupta, Mara L. Leimanis, Derek Nedveck, Katie Uhl, Bin Chen, Nicholas L. Hartog, Jason Van Veen, Joshua S. Sisco, Olivia Sirpilla, Todd Lydic, Brian Boville, Angel Hernandez, Chi Braunreiter, ChiuYing Cynthia Kuk, Varinder Singh, Joshua Mills, Marc Wegener, Marie Adams, Mary Rhodes, Andre S. Bachmann, Wenjing Pan, Miranda L. Byrne-Steele, D. Casey Smith, Mollye Depinet, Brittany E. Brown, Mary Eisenhower, Jian Han, Marcus Haw, Casey Madura, Dominic J. Sanfilippo, Laurie H. Seaver, Caleb Bupp, Surender Rajasekaran

From the authors:“The power of [RNA sequencing] to study unique patient biology while investigating environmental contributions can be a critical tool moving forward for translational sciences applied to precision medicine.”

This study is highlighted as one of July’s "best of the best" as part of the American Physiological Society's APSselect program.

Journal Link: Physiological Genomics