The event will feature loads of "Green" R&D displays and presentations:

• "Accelerating Electrolyte Discovery by High-throughput Computational Screening" o Abstract: With increased interest in development of advanced electrical energy storage systems, it is essential to find new electrolytes. This presentation describes a hierarchical computational scheme to screen multiple properties of advanced electrical energy storage electrolytes, an effective alternative to the trial and error of experimentation for discovery of new materials.

• “Development of Mg Ion Battery” o Abstract: An Mg ion battery could store more charge per gram and would translate into longer driving range when applied in an electric vehicle due to Mg ions having a positive charge of two. Mg is an abundant element, so Mg ion batteries promise to be low cost.

• “Green Remediation” o Abstract: Argonne’s phytoremediation site has been a well-studied, large-scale effort to remediate soil and groundwater contamination using an engineered system of various plants. This display provides an overview of this green remediation project.

• “Nuclear Energy/High Conversion Water Reactors” presented by Bo Feng (NE)o Abstract: Nuclear power is a carbon-free source of constant, reliable electricity that requires very little land and fuel. A High Conversion Water Reactor is an innovative reactor concept that can further reduce the small amount of waste by recycling its own fuel while using existing water technology.

• "Proteins: A Cleaner Way to Generate and Transport Energy" presented by Christopher Fry (NST) and Lee Solomon (NST)o We have designed proteins that will reproduce natural energy-related functions. These proteins form a fiber that can bind natural cofactors, allowing them to transmit electricity or solar energy. Proteins afford a green option as they can be grown in bacteria and assembled simply.

• “Sustainable Transportation” o Abstract: Activities at Argonne’s Center for Transportation Research contribute to more fuel-efficient vehicles and alternatives to petroleum.

Displays presented by Argonne partners, clubs and organizations:• U.S. Department of Energy• DuPage Water Commission• Elevate Energy• Employee Electric Vehicle Charging Program • Forest Preserve District of DuPage County • Green commuting and Bike Share Program• Idle reduction • Lighting efficiency • The Morton Arboretum• Nicor Gas• NWM battery amnesty• Pollution Prevention Program plant giveaway• Property recycling at Argonne

A fuel-efficient car show including:• Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle• BMW i3 • EcoCar display• Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid• Ford Fusion hybrid• Honda Civic hybrid• Lincoln MKZ hybrid• Nissan Leaf • Tesla Model S • Volkswagen Jetta TDI • Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI

Additional activities:Children from Argonne’s Child Development Center will plant a tree for Earth Day and participate in a learning activity.