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World Alzheimer’s Month 2023: Shining a Light on Alzheimer's – Domenico Praticò

Since 2012, September has been celebrated as World Alzheimer’s Month. Back then, and only eleven years ago, an average of 2 out of 3 people had little understanding of Alzheimer's disease and associated dementias.
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Brain Injury Prevention in Contact Sports is Essential, Expert Says

“There is abundant evidence of a link between contact sports, such as football, and dementia later in life,” comments Domenico Pratico, M.D., Director of the Alzheimer’s Center at Temple University (ACT).
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Cholesterol and Inflammation Demonstrate Alzheimer’s Link

A recent study shows that a protein called ABCA7 plays a functional role as a potential biological link between cholesterol and inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease. The new work was published online August 25 in the journal Cells.
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AI Study Uncovers Olive Oil's Potential in Combating Alzheimer's Disease

A recent study has used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reveal the remarkable potential of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in the fight against Alzheimer's disease (AD). Researchers combined AI technology, chemistry, and omics research to identify...
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Potential Improvement of Learning and Memory in Down Syndrome

A new approach could enhance memory and learning in individuals with Down syndrome by stabilizing a key component in the body's protein sorting system called the retromer complex.
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The Search For Alzheimer's Disease Biomarkers

A biomarker is a characteristic that can be measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes, pathogenetic processes, or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention. In the context of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), an AD...
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Katz School of Medicine opens Alzheimer’s Center

The Lewis Katz School of Medicine created the Alzheimer’s Center at Temple from funds donated by Board of Trustees member Phil Richards earlier this month. Richards’s gift created the center and established the Scott Richards North Star...
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Can Music Help Patients with Alzheimer's Disease?

Did you know that music might be able to connect you with your family members affected by Alzheimer's disease (AD) in a way that words cannot? Many studies have shown that music can evoke a response or a memory in people with Alzheimer's Disease.
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The Alzheimer’s Center at Temple (ACT) has been created with the appointment of Dr. Domenico Praticò as the Scott Richards North Star Charitable Foundation Chair for Alzheimer’s Research. ACT will integrate research, training, clinical and educational activities in order to study the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, discover the mechanisms responsible for their onset and progression, and develop effective treatment strategies with the ultimate goal of curing those diseases. ACT will build upon the long-standing tradition of excellence in biomedical research and education of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University.



Domenico Pratico
Director and Professor, Alzheimer's Center




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