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Study Finds Patients Who Undergo Spine Surgery Prescribed Most Narcotics Three Months Following Surgery

As Americans have the highest opioid use rates, leading to abuse, the orthopaedic community has committed itself to studying prescription methods and patient populations to help mitigate potential addiction. A new scientific review article titled,...
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Jump Into Summer Safely

The first days of summer mean warmer temperatures and plenty of sunlight for outdoor play. However, for adolescents and young adults alike, additional risks for injury are present, especially as states’ sheltering in place requirements have...
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New study shows majority of patients do not believe e-cigarettes and vapes impact bone fracture healing

The use of e-cigarettes, vapes and mods have increased as smokers liken these alternatives as healthier and not having the same side effects of traditional cigarettes. Because e-cigarettes are readily available over the internet, unlike the sale of...
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Can QR codes make a difference for children in casts?

When children require a cast due to a bone fracture, follow-up care instructions are typically given verbally or the patient is sent home with written instructions. However, patients and their caregivers run the risk of forgetting what was said or...
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Ongoing study shows continued increase in concussions among high school athletes

A new study released as part of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ (AAOS) Virtual Education Experience determined that despite increased awareness of concussions in high school athletics and traumatic brain injury (TBI) laws, the...
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Opioid prescribing rates on 14-year decline in pediatric orthopaedic injuries, decreased by more than 50%

Prevention efforts to combat the opioid crisis by limiting early exposure are working in the pediatric population, according to a study released as part of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ (AAOS) Virtual Education Experience. The...
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Study shows improved marital relationship and spousal quality of life following joint-replacement surgery

While individuals with osteoarthritis (OA) who undergo joint replacement surgery often experience reductions in pain, emotional distress and improved function, there is little known about how these recovery-related changes impact their spouse or...
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Cannabis use for management of chronic musculoskeletal pain increasing, new study shows

The use of medical cannabis has garnered a lot of recent attention, especially as parts of the United States and Canada have legalized its use. While it has been studied in cancer and nerve pain, not much is known about the usage rate and its...
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