Newswise — Rochester, Minn. (August 10, 2022)- American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM), is excited to announce Michael C. Munin, MD, as the recipient of the 2022 Scientific Impact Award. This award recognizes mid-career members for serving as a first author, second author, or last (senior) author on a published paper in a national or international peer-reviewed, indexed journal within the past 2 years. Munin is recognized for his work as the senior author on Reliability and Validity of the Modified Heckmatt Scale in Evaluating Muscle Changes With Ultrasound in Spasticity, published in Archives of Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Translation.

Munin’s research was inspired by his clinical practice, which involves ultrasound guidance techniques to improve outcomes for patients receiving botulinum toxin and phenol neurolysis injections to treat muscle spasticity and cervical dystonia. His research interest is the application of laryngeal electromyography to diagnose and treat voice disorders. Over 20 years, he’s collaborated with laryngologists at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to advance this line of research, and his group has had 15 peer-reviewed publications, several in Muscle & Nerve.

Throughout his career, Munin has been involved in many areas of clinical research. He’s been active in clinical trials that evaluate botulinum toxin medications for upper and lower limb spasticity, performed studies investigating the use of diagnostic ultrasound for spastic muscle identification, and investigated causes of pain after lower limb amputation caused by heterotopic ossification. Munin will be recognized at the upcoming AANEM Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for September 21-24, 2022, in Nashville, TN.

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